Breweries and wineries

If you are like us, you love finding a great brewery or winery when you are on vacation. The Black Hills have become a haven to award winning breweries and wineries, and several are close to our properties here in the Northern Hills. Check out the list below and plan your visit today!

Dakota Shivers Brewing
Lead(605) 415-5352
Crow Peak Brewing Spearfish(605) 717-0006
Spearfish Brewing Spearfish(605) 717-6999
Sawyer Brewing Spearfish(605) 569-2676
Knuckle Brewing Sturgis(605) 561-9846
Miner Brewing Hill City(605) 574-2886
Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Hill City(866) 355-7889
Mt Rushmore Brewing Custer(605) 673-4200
Lost Cabin Beer Co. Rapid City(605) 718-5678
Hay Camp BrewingRapid City(605) 718-1167
Firehouse BrewingRapid City(605) 348-1915
Dakota Point BrewingRapid City(605) 791-2739
Zymurcracy Beer Co.
Rapid City(605) 791-0411

Belle Joli WinerySturgis(605) 347-9463
Belle Joli WineryDeadwood (605) 571-1006
Naked WineryHill City(605) 574-9200
Naked WineryDeadwood (605) 717-6831
Prairie Berry WineryHill City(877) 226-9453
Firehouse Wine CellarsRapid City (605) 716-9463
Firehouse SmokeJumper Station Hill City(605) 574-2916
Stone Faces WineryHill City(605) 574-3600