Black Hills Breweries are Booming

The craft beer market grew exponentially across the nation over the past 2 decades, and the Northern Black Hills is no different. With 6 local breweries and another on the way, finding a great beer is not difficult. Finding the time to take them all in just requires an extra day or two in one of our vacation rentals. That's a win-win in anyone's book!


The first brewery to hit the Northern Hills was Crow Peak Brewing, located in North Spearfish. Their original building was built in a flood plain, so they brought in truckloads of fill dirt to raise the elevation. The result? A FEMA approved site and a beer befitting the effort - the Pile O' Dirt Porter. Expansion came as quickly, and now Crow Peak Brewing produces over 5,000 barrels annually and distributed to 4 states. Find your way to Crow Peak Brewing and enjoy a Canyon Cream Ale, an 11th Hour IPA, or that Pile O' Dirt Porter and watch the sunset over the namesake mountain to the west...Crow Peak.